Online Casino Tournaments Explained

Playing at an online or mobile casino is generally a solo pursuit where you play against the house in order to see if you can beat it. At times this can become a little boring and lonely so in order to add more excitement to the experience, online casinos often host multi-player tournaments wherein players from the world over can compete against each other for casino credits and prizes.

Standard Online Casino Tournaments

There are a variety of tournament events, but the basic format for these is generally quite similar. Should you wish to enter a tournament (usually advertised in promotional mailers and within the casino lobby when you login) all you have to do is register by paying an entry fee. When the tournament commences, all players are given the same credit balance and are required to use these credits to play a designated game. Tournaments take place for a specified period and once this time has elapsed, scores are posted on a tournament ranking list and the players with the highest number of credits win.

These credits are for tournament wagering purposes only and cannot be cashed out, but winners are awarded according to their ranking on the scoreboard and receive prizes accordingly.

Online casino tournaments are classified in a number of ways, one of which is the nature of the prize money on offer. If a tournament offers a fixed prize pool, a specific value will be dispersed amongst the winners, regardless of the casino's take from the entry fees.

Multi-Level Tournaments

Online and mobile casinos often offer multi-level tournaments which are played over an extended period of time. Anyone who wishes to enter, registers and plays in the first round and at the conclusion of it, only a predetermined number of players advance to the next round, with the rest being knocked out of the tournament. Who advances to the next level will be determined by positions on the leaderboard.

The same process is followed through multiple rounds until the final takes places and the winner/s here share the prize pool. Depending on the type of tournament, players who have been knocked out in previous rounds may be permitted to re-enter the tournament in a later stage by paying an additional fee, these are known as re-buy tournaments.

Freeroll Tournaments

Not all online casinos require a fee for players to enter a tournament. Tournaments where no entry fee is required are known as Freerolls. While these are a great way to practice your tournament skills, prizes are usually quite small, so they are not something that will keep you entertained for long, especially if your goal is to make money.

All in all, mobile and online casino tournaments are a great way to get a lot of game play for your money, and offer pretty good odds of walking away with something for it. They are definitely worth a shot every now and again.