21 Duel Blackjack from Playtech

Playtech powered online casinos like EuroGrand Casino are home to the 21 Duel Blackjack variant. Here we take a look at this fascinating new game and how it is played so that next time you're in the mood for something new you play it with full confidence.

21 Duel Blackjack is played with 6 standard card decks and the aim of the game and the card values are similar to that of a standard blackjack game. There is however one difference that that is that all hands with a total of 21 are equal and a natural blackjack is on par with a three card 21.

To start the game, you will be required to make a wager and there is also the option of an added 2 Up side bet. Table limits range from as little as one credit up to 300 credits and the limit on the 2 Up Side Bet is a fifth of the maximum table bet.

Once the game commences you will be dealt two cards, one face up and the other face down. The dealer's cards are dealt face down and two additional community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the blackjack table and can be used by either the dealer or the player.

Once the cards have been dealt you will have a variety of options based on your cards value:

  1. Fold if you are not satisfied that you can produce a winning hand, this will end the current game and you will lose your wager.
  • Select one of the two community cards to use in conjunction with your face up card. Be aware however that this action will automatically place an additional bet equal to your original one beside the community card that you have selected.
  • Based on the above you will then be able to "hit" (to draw an additional card) after which the face down card will be exposed and added to your hand. If you bust you will lose the round immediately but if you don't you will have three cards in your final hand. You will also have the option to "stand". This means that the face down card will then be discarded and you will have two cards in your final hand. This option is automatically selected if two cards equal 21.

    After you have made your selections the dealer will reveal one card and select a communal card, the game rules dictate that the dealer much select the first hand available from the list of possible hands as set out in the Hand Composition table within the game. The rules further state that the dealer must hit on 16 or lower and stand on 17. When the dealer chooses to hit, his/her second face down card is turned face up and its point value is added to the total in his/her final hand.

    In the event that the dealer's total hand value is higher than 12 and higher than yours, then you will lose both your original wager and any additional bets that have been made. If the dealers total hand value is higher than 13 and your is higher than the dealers then you will win with even money on the bets you have made. If the dealer's hand total is higher than 12 and is equal to yours then the hand is a push. Should the dealer's total value be lower than 13 he/she does not qualify and you will win with even money on your original wager and pushes on additional bets irrespective of your hand value.

    The 2 UP is a side bet option on the first three cards to be shown on the table. These consist of your face up card as well as the two community cards. This bet dictates that if these cards consist of a pair you will win 3:1 and if the three cards comprise three of a kind then you will win 20:1 on this bet. These are paid even if you lose or fold.