Do all players have an equal chance of winning at the casino?

We often get asked whether every player has an equal chance of winning at the casino. The answer is that although every player has a chance of winning, not all players have an equal chance of winning.

This is because different players play different casino games, and even games in the same category differ in their odds and payouts depending on the variation and rules attached to them.

In casino games like roulette and baccarat where players have to decide how much to bet and which outcome to bet on, players making the same type of wager will enjoy an equal chance of winning. So in baccarat, players betting on the Bank, Player or Tie will be facing the same odds. In a game of roulette players betting on anything other than the five number basket bet will also be up against the same house advantage and those wagering on high or low, black or red, or odd or even will have the same chance (also known as probability) of winning their wagers.

Slot machines are a little different in that we first have to define the term winning due to the sheer number of possible payouts. Players who play the maximum coins often enjoy higher payouts over the long term but they also face an increased expected loss per spin as the payout does not offset the higher risk that is inherent with higher value wagers. Nevertheless, the symbols land on the payline with the same frequency no matter how much or how little one bets.

Then of course there are the skill games like blackjack and video poker. An advantage blackjack player who has learnt to count cards will always do better at land based casinos. In online casinos players who play according to basic blackjack strategy will have a better chance of winning than those who don't. The same applies to video poker, playing according to strategy rather than hunches will consistently yield better results. So the odds of winning for each player will be different based on their level of skill.

Reputable and licensed casinos have to subject themselves to various casino regulations and auditing process which ensure that all games rules and conditions are the fair and the same for all players, but this still does not mean that the majority of players will ever have equal chances.